Deliverable NoDeliverable nameWP NoLead participantTypeDissemination levelDue date
WP1 Biomass pre-treatment and hydrolysis
D1.1 Report on lignocellulosic biomass feedstock evaluation WP1 SEKAB R CO M8
D1.2 Report on the pre-treatment of lignocellulosic biomass WP1 SEKAB R CO M13
D1.3 Hydrolysis of pre-treated biomass for the production of cellulosic sugars WP1 BPF R CO M16
WP2 Biological fermentation to MVL and separation
D2.1 Report on the development of antibiotic-free strains WP2 Visolis R CO M15
D2.2 Production of MVL from cellulosic hydrolysate WP2 Visolis R CO M18
D2.3 Definition of optimum bioreactor process conditions for MVL production WP2 Visolis R CO M18
WP6 Risk analysis and business & commercialization plan
D6.1 Risk analysis and management plan WP6 Visolis R CO M12
WP7 Promotional activities and dissemination
D7.1 First technical workshop WP7 BPF DEC PU M18
D7.3 BioCatPolymers website WP7 CERTH DEC PU M6
D7.6 First annual newsletter WP7 CERTH DEC PU M12
WP8 Management and Coordination
D8.1 Periodic report covering M1-18 RP1 WP8 CERTH R CO M18
WP9 Ethics requirements
D9.1 EPQ - Requirement No.1 WP9 CERTH Ethics CO M3
D9.2 NEC - Requirement No.2 WP9 CERTH Ethics CO M3

The BioCatPolymers project has received funding from the Horizon 2020 Programme of the EU, under Grant Agreement No 760802.