Kick-off Meeting of BioCatPolymers project, Brussels 10-11 January 2018

| Tuesday, 09 January 2018 |

Kick-off Meeting of BioCatPolymers project, Brussels 10-11 January 2018

On the 10th & 11th of January, 2018, the Kick‐off meeting of the BioCatPolymers project was held in Brussels, in the European Commission building “Covent Garden”, with the attendance of representatives of the project partners and in the presence of the Project Officer of the European Commission, Dr Ioannis Vouldis.

During the meeting, the activities of the project and the role of each partner to the project implementation were discussed.

The BioCatPolymers project is a 3-year project, running from January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2020. It is funded by the European Union under the Horizon 2020 EU Research and Innovation programme with a total budget of approximately 5,7 MEuros.

The main objective of BioCatPolymers is to demonstrate a cost-effective, sustainable and efficient cascade technological route for the conversion of low-value, low-quality residual biomass to bio-polymers with equal or better performance than their fossil-based counterparts.

Project partners

The BioCatPolymers consortium successfully combines resources from R&D and European Industry in an efficient and multi-disciplinary team that consists of professionals from six countries in Europe, comprising 7 legal entities within five EU Member States (Greece, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, UK) and one Associated Member State (Switzerland). The project is coordinated by the Centre for Research & Technology Hellas (Greece). The other partners include: Italian Bio Products SRL (Italy), Visolis Technologies Ltd. (United Kingdom), Bioprocess Pilot Facility B.V. (Netherlands), Process Design Center (Netherlands), Quantis (Switzerland) and Covestro Deutschland AG (Germany).

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The BioCatPolymers project has received funding from the Horizon 2020 Programme of the EU, under Grant Agreement No 760802.